Monday, January 4, 2016

Are ad blockers hurting your digital revenues? It's time to get creative with your monetization strategy.

As a digital publisher, it's likely that you depend upon digital ad revenues for a large portion of your content monetization. Thus, you might feel threatened by the increasing prevalence of ad blocking softwares available for web browsers. Ad blocking softwares essentially work by analyzing your website's code and then instructing the web browser to not display elements it recognizes as advertisements. 

As a digital publisher, you're probably wondering how to make money if your website's ads are prevented from being displayed. I recently stumbled upon this article, in which a number of methods are discussed. The article is definitely worth the read, but I've summarized a few of the key points here:

  • Instead of relying so heavily upon display ads, adopt a sponsored content and native advertising strategy. Sponsored content and native advertising have grown in popularity over the past few years, largely due to the fact that they pose much less of a disruption to user experience on websites and mobile apps.
  • Offer high-quality content that's worth paying for. This one should be self-explanatory, but figuring out how to most effectively charge for your content can be more complex than it seems. Digital publishers are employing a number of strategies such as offering guests 10 free article views per month before asking them to pay, or by combining free content with premium content that users pay for.
  • Educate users about ad blocking ramifications. Users typically understand that, in order to view content for free, they might have to put up with some mild inconveniences such as display ads. You can create a notification on your website that displays whenever a user employs ad blocking software, letting them know that display ads help you to offer high quality content to users for free.
  • Offer online stores where users can buy products and additional content. Diversifying your revenue streams might mean it's time to start letting users make purchases from your website. This can be a great way to grow revenues and tap into wider markets for your content and products.
Are you concerned that you are not currently equipped to make any of the above changes to your website or digital apps? Our solution at PixelEdge allows you to do all of these things and, better yet, our technology team will take care of it for you.