Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3 Quick Data Tips

In the last few months we have noticed a strong trend towards giving subscribers access to data and information via digital apps. While it is necessary to design content specifically for smartphones and not simply replicate print versions on digital devices, the real challenge is how to allow subscribers to easily access the data and information that most publishers possess. Below are some suggested ways of leveraging data to improve your publication.

Do you publish a resource guide? 
If so, your app could allow subscribers to search it based on their own criteria. A magazine covering mergers and acquisitions, for example, can publish a listing of all M & A firms and allow subscribers to search these firms based on geography, size of deal, industry and other criteria.

Do you publish summary financial data? 
Your app could give subscribers results based on individually specified criteria. A publisher covering commercial loans can allow subscribers to get summary results by geography, currency, underwriter, trustee and other parameters.

Do you publish technology trends? 
Your app could let subscribers get data for specific time periods and devices. A publisher covering mobile technology trends can allow subscribers to get usage data by region, platform, price range, etc.

PixelEdge not only offers a convenient publishing platform on which to leverage your content. Our software expertise can help you leverage the information and data in your servers, enabling your publication to offer readers what they value most.