Thursday, August 28, 2014

Monetize with Mobile Advertising: What are the Options?

Despite a projected decrease in print ad revenues for the trade magazine industry (about 4.4% annually), digital ad revenues are expected to grow at an annual rate of 12.8%, reaching almost $2 billion in 2018Changing trends have pushed gaudy pop-ups out of popularity. Now, advertisers can be more creative when engaging readers. Options like sponsored content and rich media build high levels of ad engagement without annoying readers. Here are some digital advertising options that could work for you:

Location-Based Ads: Sell mobile ads based the on the location of your subscribers (if the subscriber approves this feature). This is particularly effective because it enables advertisers to target their audience geographically.

Rich Media: This can mean video, sounds, or games. You can cater what types you choose based on your audience and their interests. The most effective types of rich media advertisements are interactive, complementing the surrounding content and always giving readers an option to close out. As long as these ads don’t interfere with the content of the app, they are a smart option.

Sponsored Content Ads: As a relatively new concept in advertising, sponsored content is also what's known as a "native" ad. This term, which according to Mashable was accidentally coined by the investor Frank Wilson, indicates that an ad matches the content and user interface of where it is placed.  This is most commonly seen on news and video sites, where advertisers display articles or videos that are of interest to the audiences of these sites. These ads gear content to readers' interests while still being promotional in nature. Content for sponsored articles or videos can be created by your staff or your sponsors. 

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